Breach The Keep


A gamified cybersecurity experience

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About The Game

Breach The Keep is a digital, tabletop exercise. Played between teams, each exercise can host up to 14 players in customized and gamified cybersecurity challenges. Set in a dungeons and dragons theme, teams compete against each other to protect and breach a castle – the crown jewels are scattered across the castle and in a series of strategic steps you can either protect or destroy the kingdom!


Unique Scenarios





Context Specific

Choose from over 8 different scenarios that reflect the typical as well as novel attack landscapes facing your organizations

Gamified Collaboration

Play and gather awards and excel on our leaderboard!

Diverse Skillset

Bring your cybersecurity staff along with other team members to collaboratively
play and learn about their responses to a breach!

This game is geared for

all levels of skills.


Can you Breach The Keep?